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The Rathskeller

Some things never change…including the Rathskeller!  Designed with mystery in mind the Rathskeller decor and ambience are as they were at the turn of the century.  By definition, Rathskeller is simply a gathering place originating in the basements of German town halls.

Today our Rathskeller at the Montana Club is host to private events and open to the public with live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Full bar and food menu top off a fun night and if you listen carefully, you just might hear voices from yesterday.

48 people sit down dinner

75 people – standing room only

$250 Members-$500 Members Guests

Room 1 ©



Garden Room

16 people sit down dinner

$50 Members-$100 Members Guests

Presidents’ Room

24 people sit down dinner

40 people – standing room only

$50 Members-$100 Members Guests


Room 1 ©


Russell Room

8 people sit down dinner

$N/C Members-$50 Members Guests


2nd, 3rd, & 6th

270 people sit down dinner

380 people – standing room only

$1500 Members-$2000 Members Guests

Room 1 ©


2nd & 3rd

190 people sit down dinner

260 people – standing room only

$1200 Members-$1500 Members Guests


150 people sit down dinner

200 people – standing room only

$1000 Members-$1500 Members Guests

Room 1 ©



80 people sit down dinner

200 people – standing room only

$350 Members-$550 Members Guests

  • Room rental rates do not include food and beverage.
  • There is an additional house service fee of 15% not included in rental rate.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All food and beverage must be catered by The Montana Club.
  • Restrictions and minimums apply.