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Lounge, Tuesday-Saturday 4:30 PM-Close (no reservations required)

 Dinner, Tuesday-Saturday  5:30 PM-8:00 PM (reservations recommended)

Lunch,  Wednesday-Saturday 11:00 AM-2 PM (reservations recommended)

Rathskeller, Thursday- 4:30 PM-11 PM, Friday and Saturday-4:30-Midnight

Please call 406.442.5980 or email to make a reservation.


Club Rules

As stated in the Montana Club Bylaws, “The purpose of the Club is to maintain a Clubhouse for literary, educational, and social purposes for the mutual empowerment and benefit of the members; and to promote good fellowship, recreation, social activities and charitable activities among its members.” Members and their Guests are expected to honor these responsibilities by observing the highest standards of decorum while in the Clubhouse.

The Montana Club Board of Governors sets the Club Rules to establish a standard for the use of the facilities of the Club so all Members may more fully enjoy the privileges of the Club. Club Management is authorized to notify a Member if they or their Guest has violated a Club Rule. Notification will be provided in a discreet manner to avoid embarrassment and further violation. Club Management is further authorized to refuse entry to or remove from the Club any Member or Guest who fails to honor the Club Rules. All violations of the Club Rules will be documented and reported to the Board of Governors. It is the specific intent of these Rules to conform to local, state and federal laws. In the event of conflict, such laws will take precedence.

Members and their Guests are expected to adhere to suitable standards of attire throughout the Clubhouse. Gentlemen are expected to wear a collared shirt, sweater or jacket. Ladies are expected to wear commensurate attire. Suitable attire excludes beach wear, athletic shoes, shorts, flip flops, caps, men’s hats and articles of clothing that are torn, untidy, overly revealing or obscene. Exceptions to the Rule may be made for private events or Club events in the Rathskeller. Guests should be informed of the dress code to avoid embarrassment.

Members and their Guests will confine cell phone conversations to lobby and hallway while in the Clubhouse. Non-verbal discreet use of phones and other technology is permitted. Members and their Guests are expected to keep their phone ringers on silent or vibrate while in the Clubhouse.

A non-member Guest may utilize the Club’s facilities only when accompanied or sponsored by a Member. Members are responsible for the conduct and charges incurred by their Guest while in the Clubhouse. Non-members may be denied entry to the Club when not accompanied by a Member or for repeated abuse of special non-member access to Club events. Non-member Guests may not invite their own guests.

The Club will always accommodate Member families with minor children. A quality experience for all Members is the priority of the Club. As such, Members are reminded that children are the responsibility of the adults who accompany them to the Club.

Club Management will set regular hours of operation and adhere to those hours. Members and their Guests are free to access and enjoy the Club during the stated hours of operation. Club Management will accommodate Members and their Guests to the fullest extent possible during each visit. Members are encouraged to secure a reservation for dining room use prior to 6:00 p.m. on the day of a visit. No reservation is required for visits to the Lounge. Hours of operation may be adjusted for private events or when required by Club business. Members will be notified immediately when any change or adjustment is made to the hours.

Belligerent, indecent and discriminatory conduct will not be tolerated in the Clubhouse.

No Member of the Club may reprimand or in any way punish any employee of the Club. Complaints regarding potential employee misconduct must be made to the Club Management or the Board of Governors. Members and Guests may not send Club employees on personal errands outside of the Clubhouse.

Billing statements are sent to Members on the first of every month. Bills are payable by the 20th of every month and become delinquent on the first of the following month. Club Management or The Board of Governors shall have discretion in dealing with delinquent charges. Dues are paid in advance and minimums reflect the month prior based on usage. A 15% service charge is added to Club charges appearing on a monthly billing statement. Members are free to add additional gratuities to their bill. Club Billing procedures may be changed by a majority vote of the Board of Governors and implemented after 30 days’ notice to the Membership.

The Club maintains reciprocity with many clubs around the United States. Members wishing to utilize another club shall directly contact and make arrangements with that club. Club Management is authorized to send letters of introduction on behalf of Members visiting other clubs.

Members may host private events at the Club by making the appropriate arrangements with Club Management. All private parties must be sponsored by a Member. Club Management will work with the sponsoring Member to ensure private entertainment does not interfere with the privileges of other Members. Members are responsible for the conduct and charges incurred by their Guests while they are in the Clubhouse.

Members and their Guests are expected to consume alcohol responsibly. The cooperation of Members is encouraged to ensure the safety of Members and the community. Club Management is authorized to stop serving any person who appears to be becoming intoxicated. If necessary, Club Management will call a taxi for a Member or Guest to use for transportation. No alcoholic beverages will be served to anyone less than 21 years of age. Club Management is authorized to verify age if there is any question.

The Montana Club

PO Box 637 Helena MT 59624 406-442- 5980 Fax 406-442- 0276

Membership Application

Regular Memberships – $400.00 initiation fee

  •  Single: $80.00 monthly dues + $70.00 Food & Beverage (use or lose) allowance = $150.00 per month
  •  Family: $80.00 monthly dues + $90.00 Food & Beverage (use or lose) allowance = $170.00 per month
  • Special Memberships (non-voting) – $200.00 initiation fee

Non-resident*: $100.00 quarterly dues or $400.00 annual dues

(* must live at least 50 miles outside Helena city limits, mileage measured by air)


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